9 DIY Tips to Transform Your Home Gym ─ Upgrade on a Budget


Gyms are popular like never before. For many people, they’re a way of life. Places where people socialize, hang with each other, make connections, and get healthier and better looking. But, personal styles differ.

For many other people, gyms are crowded places, claustrophobic, and are to be avoided. If you fall into the latter group but still want to get your workout done, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’re going to list a few good ideas on how you could transform your home gym on your own.

1. Don’t Save on Mirrors

At the end of the day, every gym serves one purpose -to get you into shape. But, it can’t be done overnight. Progress is slow to come. That’s why you need patience. In addition to patience, you’ll need to monitor your progress.

There’s no better way to do this than to see yourself in a mirror. Eyes and mirrors don’t lie. Adding one big or a few smaller mirrors to your home gym could make all of the difference in the world.

2. Invest in New Equipment

To fully equip a home gym one would need a ton of cash. Considering we’re talking about a transformation on a budget you’ll understand why this is a big no-no. So, what can you do? How to invest a lot but spend a little. The best solution is to buy one of those multi-practice pieces of equipment. If you have no idea in which direction to go, let us recommend you get your hands on the so-called SledTred.

This piece of equipment offers a lot in the domain of home workouts. It is a tool that combines a treadmill, sit-up bench, Power Tower, and resistance sled among a few other things. If this got you interested check it out at http://thetibbarguy.com/.

Source: lakesiderenovationanddesign.com

3. Motivation Posters

Gyms need to be livid. Bland gyms do not inspire anyone. When you have a gym at home you’re probably working out on your own. Sometimes this can translate to a lack of motivation very easily.

To avoid slacking off in your home gym you should hang a few motivational posters here and there. Do not go for anything spicy but a few put in the work or you can do it messages should be enough to keep you motivated through every slump.

The best place to put a message of this kind would be on the door, or at the point you’re looking at while lifting.

4. Paint it Red

The Rolling Stones are always a good message even when we’re not intending them to be. But, redecorating your home gym is always a good idea. While you’re at it, you should be bold with the attempt. So pick a bright color. Pick the red. You can go with blue, yellow or any other. Make it as colorful as you like.

Just don’t go with typically white, or some darker note that will close up the room. Leave yourself space for your mind to wander and your muscles to grow.

5. Improve The Lighting

A good gym is a well-lighted space. You need to have this in mind when you get into the mood for some DIY action. Changing one bulb is not hard but we’re talking about a little bit more work.

You should switch to LED lights, or even try some ambient lights. Trust us, on a gloomy day these lights might be a motivation for your next workout. In the end, it is not wise to work in a darker room, even if you see it as your dark retreat on the recipe by Aaron Rodgers. You leave that to A-Rod.

Source: forbes.com

6. Equip Yourself With Mattresses

Having a Yoga mat in your home gym is a great idea. Having a few of them is an excellent one. There are plenty of workouts that need to be done while on the floor. But, if you have a hard concrete down below you will not get down, we already know it.

So, what you need to do is to equip your home gym with a set of Yoga mats, or mats of any kind intended for workout purposes. Trust us, the next time you expand the set of workouts you’re doing when you lie down on your back you’ll have us to thank.

7. Don’t Forget About Pull-Up Bars and Kettlebells

Every home gym can be transformed when you add a few more pieces of equipment. When you look at the home gym and follow all the steps we laid in front of you, it can become possible to forget about the basics. Pull-up bars and kettlebells fit into that category.

You shouldn’t start this DIY project without investing in these pieces of equipment. Working out with them is straightforward, they’re not expensive, and in the long run, they will not lose any value.

8. Invest Into Multimedia

Do not forget about audio and video mediums. When you set up your home gym for the first time you can go without this idea. But, when you’re redecorating and running through another DIY project do not forget about the sound and video that your gym requires. You should have speakers and if it’s possible a TV in your home gym.

This way you can play some motivational music, or watch a workout tutorial. These days everything can be connected to your smartphone and that’s a great way to give yourself additional boost for your next workout.

9. Hang a Piece of Art

A simple move, yet effective art is usually perceived to be perfect. By working out you’re also seeking perfection. Have a piece of art hanging from the walls of your home gym as a reminder of where you want to be in the future after a dozen workouts. When it comes to gyms you can never have enough motivation.

Bottom Line

Do not let your home gym lie around imperfectly. You have all the necessary tools to make it a great place for exercising. Remember, the steps we laid out for you are just some of the ideas. You can find plenty more if you like.

Also, you don’t have to achieve it all at once. Take it step by step move by move and in no time you will have an ideal place to exercise within the desired monetary restraints.