Fun First Day of School Photo Ideas

Remember the old days when the first day of school picture consisted of the child standing on the porch smiling? Long gone are simple back to school photo ideas of a child and her backpack. Today, parents are getting quite creative when it comes to first day back to school photos, and some of the ideas are quite fun! If you are wanting to try some unique and fun first day of school photo ideas, take a look below at some cool suggestions! These suggestions are fun ways to add some zest to your back to school photos and come up with something memorable and unusual. Take a peek.

Fun and Unique First Day of School Photo Ideas #BTS #BacktoSchool

Fun First Day of School Photo Ideas:

1. The Chalkboard Pose (or whiteboard)

Nothing says back to school time like a chalkboard. For this photo idea, have your child hold a chalkboard in their hands or display it next to them. On it, write the child’s name, year, and the answer to a question such as what they want to learn this year or what they are excited about this year. Display the chalkboard in the picture with them as a fun prop.

2. The School Building Pose

For this photo, you will need a little cooperation from the school. For this pose, take a child’s desk and chair (take your own if you have one) and set it outside in front of the school. Take a photo of your child in the desk, in front of the school. It is ideal to show the name of the school in the picture. Try this pose before school starts so you aren’t dealing with a crowd of kids.

3. The Backside Post

Take a photo of your child walking away from the camera, showing their backside and backpack. This is a cute way to literally show them going to school and offers a different perspective.

4. Add text with Picmonkey is a free photo editing service that you can use to add text to your pictures if you wish. Add the child’s name, school name, school year, and other info you wish in fun colors and various fonts. Visit PicMonkey and see what edits you can make to add some fun to your picture.

5. The Sidewalk Chalk Pose

On a portion of the sidewalk, have your child write their name and/or grade on the cement in large and colorful letters. Have them lie next to the sidewalk text and then snap your photo. This pose is so fun and whimsical and lets the child even get a little creative.

As you can see, there are so many fun and creative ways to snap some back to school photos of your child. Give these ideas a go and see what sort of pictures you can come up with! You are sure to come up with something creative, fun, and of course frugal. Say cheese!

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  1. I love all those ideas. I’ve been thinking about this and can’t wait to try some of these ideas out next month when my kids go back. I have a feeling the college student won’t be too terribly interested in posing for mom. hahahaha So what, I’ll take one of those walking away photos of him!

  2. We never did any of these when our daughter was little. I have pictures of her first day of Pre-school and Kindergarten, but that’s it. Hard to believe we’re doing Senior pictures this year, Crazy how fast the years go!

  3. School started Monday here. I got a shot of him in front of his school and we are taking a shot of him every single school morning (hopefully we can maintain it all year), so that we can do a time lapse video of it at the end of his 5th grade year. 🙂

  4. I like the chalkboard idea. I also saw an idea about buying a large shirt and putting “class of _____” on it. Then the kid gets a picture in the shirt on the first day of school each year. You see how they grow!

  5. will likely do what we did last year – big sign with date – school age – and what he wants to be when he grows up. We love the from behind pictures too!