St. Patrick’s Day Mint Chocolate Pretzels

My Valentine’s Day chocolate pretzels  were such a hit I thought I’d make some to share for St. Patrick’s Day too!  These have the added yummy flavor of mint and are so easy to make! I hope you enjoy these Mint Chocolate Pretzels.

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Chocolate Pretzels

St. Patrick's Day Mint Chocolate Pretzels


Mini Pretzels
Dove Mint Chocolate
Mint chocolate M&M’s


Preheat oven to 350
Place pretzels on baking sheet
Place a Dove mint chocolate on each pretzel
Place in oven for about a minute (watch them closely).
Remove from oven and press 1 M&M in the middle of each piece of chocolate.
Allow to cool completely before trying to move.

*The dove chocolate did not harden right away, so I put them in the refrigerator to cool and then they hardened.

St. Patrick's Day Mint Chocolate Pretzels

Serve on a  dish or put some in a cellophane bag tied with a cute green bow to give to give as a little St. Patrick’s Day gift!

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  1. This is such a good idea! I don’t think I could stop at one or two of them though, you’d have to put them far away from me after that, or I’d eat the whole tray!

  2. I have always loved the combination of salty and sweet AND of course I am a big chocolate mint lover too! This sounds like a fantastic treat to try 🙂 Thank you!

  3. I didn’t get to make these for yesterday, but thats ok I’ll make them for Easter, yay! Thanks so much for sharing this on Worthwhile Wednesdays!